Fix Chrome hijacking by popup on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

On this page I'll tell you how to regain control of Chrome on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad.


You MUST have installed some other app by Google. My favorite is Google Maps, which is popular and useful. But any other app from this list is okay :

Google Maps (my fav, the easiest one to use for that purpose)


Google News


In the following example I'll use Google Maps. Same methods applies for other Google software.


Find the Open in Chrome button.

Open Google Maps.
Click on the 3 horizontal bar on top left of the screen, next to the input text area.

Click on Help & feedback

Click on Help

Bottom right you have 3 vertical dots, click on them, a small window will popup offering you an option "Open in Chrome".

Select "Open in Chrome", you might need to press that twice.

Note: any app with "Open in Chrome" will do. For example, in Gmail, read a mail with a link int it, or send a mail to yourself with a link (like ) and click on it. For the other aps, look at the Help section.


At this point, Chrome is open again, and you are in in fresh tab, not the one with the popups !
We are close to the resolution of the problem.

If the malicious tab is listed on top of the Chrome window you are in, eg. it's a previous tab to the left of the actual one, carefully click the X cross and close it. If you don't know which one it is, close them all.

If the tab was opend in Incognito mode DO NOT SWITCH to incognito mode, instead, go to the top right menu (3 vertical dots) and select New Incognito Tab.
Now just do just like above : close the malicious tabs.

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