Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Symptoms of a blocked Chrome or Safari browsers blocked by a popup loop

You reached this page because the Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad has is blocked by a popup which asks you to pay to go away.

This kind of "browser hijacking" technique becomes more and more popular on the Internets, they fall in the ransomware category.. With some browsers, like Safari, it's pretty easy to find a solution, for Chrome, it's another story.

Fortunately I've found a solution which is very easy to understand and apply.

My method :
  • Does NOT asks you to uninstall Chrome
  • You don't have to reformat your device
  • Does NOT asks you to install some weird app from some unknown source
  • It's very easy to understand and follow, only 3 steps
  • Takes a few minutes.
  • Works 100% of the time.
First, you must be sure that we are talking about the same thing. Browser hijacking happens when you have a window popup showing, and whatever you do you can't get rid of it. Typically they come into a loop :
  1. First window popup describes some threatening text
  2. Second window popup asks you for money, popular websites involved are 
  3. If you click Cancel or OK without a valid code for paying, you maybe be redirected to a third popup or to the fist one.
Malicious window, Leave page won't work

According popup

If you try to close the tab by pressing the close tab button right after the popup OK button, that won't work. If you're in incognito mode on Chrome, you can't go back to normal browsing either.

In Chrome there is no way to disable Javascript (the language used to generated this king of behavior).
Also, once the page is loaded, it'll stay in the device memory, even if you disable the network.
On iOS there is no way of starting a "fresh" new instance of Chrome: it will restart at the same state you left it before you killed the app.

If you want to know how to fix this, choose the tab Fix Chrome on iOS.